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Lasting powers of attorney and Deputyship

Lasting powers of attorney (LPAs) let you choose a person (or people) you trust to act for you. There are two different types of LPA. One of them covers decisions about your property and finances, and the other covers decisions about your health and welfare. We can assist you in making both types or just one.

Property and affairs LPA

A property and affairs LPA covers decisions about your finances and property. If there comes a time when you canít manage your finances anymore, the person you appoint as your attorney will be able do this for you. This can include paying your bills, collecting your income and benefits, or selling your house. However, if you want to, you can limit the decisions they are allowed to make, or place conditions on what they can do.

Health and welfare LPA

A health and welfare LPA allows the attorney to make decisions on your behalf about your health and welfare, if there comes a time when you are unable to make these decisions for yourself. A health and welfare attorney could make decisions about where you live, for example, or your day-to-day care, including your diet and what you wear.

You can also give your health and welfare attorney the power to accept or refuse life-sustaining treatment on your behalf. You will be asked whether you wish to do this or not on the form, and you will need to state your intention clearly.


You can only make a Lasting Power of Attorney if you have the full capacity to understand what you are doing and fully understand the implications of it. If someone is unable to give instructions then you can apply to the court of protection for a Deputy to be appointed to act as the persons Attorney. We can assist you with the application for a Deputyship for eaither financial matters or for health matters. Alternatively if you need an order from the Court of Protection limited to one issue we can also assist you with this.

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